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SyrianData : Syrian Digital Directory
It is free syrian directory ( Syrian Commercial Search Engine ) to offer the free information about its clients of companies to users they want to deal with it .
Business Category of our clients: Governmental Organizations - Industry - Commerce - Tourism - Services - Buildings & Materials - Health - Clothing - Textile - Foodstuffs - Agriculture

This is by using the most efficient easy ways of digital search by searching about them according to the wanted institutions's names or person's name in charge or city name or area name or market name or even its institutions's specialization.

TechnoCell For Information Technology Company ...
Company History: has started its work since 1997 depending on its engineers and technical specialist to present its different services in the field of informatics. one of the first field this company worked in was the hardware and constructing a production line to assemble computers with maintenance its work have reached all Syrian governorates as distribution centers from many international trademarks.
In 2000`s TechnoCell has entered the field of - programming, especially on the international web, working in programmers, designation, website hosting, database management and keeping in touch with all what is new to find for itself a good place between the other companies in Syria.

(SyrianData) is the first step in TechnoCell`s work in the field of electronic trade, which in turn will be followed by many activities in the following years accompanying the new coming concepts to Syria, which in turn need important services these services would be presented by our company according to the Syrian prospect.

we hope that our product will reach the desired standard and achieve the wanted goal so that it would be the best directory and be sufficient to our country, the land of civilization.
we promise our homeland to excel all efforts continues developing wishing that all responsible  would CO- operate and help to issue this directory to serve all  customers and consequently serve our country.


SyrianData is your link to future

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